I can’t emphasize enough how much it means to me when someone takes the time to leave me a review or send me an email to let me know how much I have helped them. It reinforces exactly why I decided to start breakup BOOST!

Thank you to all of you who listen to my podcast. Also, thank you to those of you who trust in me to open up and share your story with me via breakup coaching.

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Trina you have changed my life and helped me see through the breakup of my former carousel relationship. I knew I needed to get away from this man, but my need to be loved kept me going back to him. With the help of your podcast I have been able to work through and feel strong and supported during the break up. I’m so glad I found your podcast. Trina you really have helped me. Thank you forever and always ❤️❤️❤️

by Skysalazar
Thank you for your help, you help me out of depression from what I am currently going through, you gave me strength to move on with my life and realize that he was just a chapter of my life. I am doing so much better emotionally and physically.

First week listening★★★★★
by Phoenix Baby
I really love this podcast. I wish they were longer. Trina gives the harsh reality of just letting go and move on. I avoided trying to hear this after my breakup. But this podcast shed a lot of light on why to move on. I avoided trying to hear this after my breakup. But this podcast shed a lot of light on why to move on. Kudos! Please make them longer! I love listening on my drive to work.

Super Witty Podcast Host!★★★★★
by PaytonNYC
I really enjoy this podcast. Motivating, helpful, and gives me a feeling that I will be ok. Gives me a chuckle too because I can really relate to a lot of it! And the stuff I can’t relate to – I can definitely learn from it! Cheers!

Amazing and inspirational★★★★★
by KRondo9
Trina’s voice is very comforting and has helped me through one of the hardest times in my life. Highly recommend and hope she continues to produce content.

Awesome podcasts★★★★★
by From Pain to Gain
All of Trina’s podcasts are amazing. Listening to these helped me through a painful breakup and I ended up having so much growth personally from listening to them. No matter what your situation is I recommend listening to all of them because they each have so much wisdom. I not only learned how to recover from a painful break up but I also have had so much growth and learned how to love myself and realize my worth.

Extremely Helpful★★★★★
by Aceman2489
Trina’s work is very helpful. Her advice and expertise is authentic and relatable. These podcasts have helped me through some of the most difficult times of my life and I would highly recommend them to anyone experiencing heartbreak. She is able to reach her audience and give practical and realistic advice.

Love Trina★★★★★
by Twisted Vision
I have been listening to Trina all day and I’m already moving on and strong, I can’t wait to listen to more advice from Trina xoxo

the BEST thing for heartbreak!! ★★★★★
by TeamWeTam
Thank you for the wonderful podcast! Trina is incredibly understanding and gives honest, straight forward advice that helps you gain perspective and closure. She is empathetic to pain and encourages strength in all of us. She helped me after a devastating breakup and continues to do so. I listen to episodes on repeat and recommend it to all my friends and family! I look forward to future episodes, thank you for the wonderful podcast Trina!

Thank YOU Thank YOU Thank YOU ★★★★★
by FrancineFromCanada
I recently broke up with my boyfriend and your podcast is like a support system to me. I love how it has serious episodes plus some humourous episodes to keep things light and entertaining. This will definitely help me heal plus get back into the “dating saddle” as you put it. It is wonderful to have people like you who take the time to help others like this. MORE please!

Soldier of love ★★★★★
by Ki-OD
It’s been an uphill battle these past few weeks but thanks to Trina and her amazing podcast I have had expert guidance without having to use my flex spending health insurance card. Trina is a very wise lady and teaches us from firsthand experience how to successfully traverse through relationships and the inevitable breakups that most relationships end with. I feel completely confident in all the advice Trina has provided whether I liked it or not I respect her because she tells me the truth without sugar coating. Thank you so much for all your help Trina. I’m so glad you stopped me from trying to convince my ex to take me back like I should have to prove my worth to anyone.

Great no nonsense advice★★★★★
by Flowerpalm
I enjoy listening to your podcast. They are short, to the point, and offer good advice.

Helped me get through rock bottom★★★★★
by joe45
My ex girlfriend recently broke up with me and i was a wreck. devastated. crushed. Then i stumbled upon break up boost and im so glad i found it. It is continually helping me through, i listen to her podcast every day and it helps me open my eyes and put things into perspective.

Insightful, Smart, Helpful, and Entertaining★★★★★
by Morgan007

So glad that I came across this podcast – it has really helped snapped me out of my breakup blues and I love the relationship advice to help me have a better and healthier future relationship!

by Jackson in Florida
Thank you, Trina, for your words of wisdom and encouragement during difficult times. I am grateful to have found you.

Love The Concept★★★★★
by Zack Lyman
Very helpful and something most can relate too.

Snippets from emails & messages on social media I have received:

  • Your podcast brought me back to life. I still listen to old episodes on repeat because it has helped me so much. Your advice is so honest and true, I really appreciate you taking the time to help me and all others who are hurting.
  • I just recently started listening to your podcast and it has seriously helped me open my eyes and helped me through when i hit rock bottom.
  • I can’t thank you enough for taking the time out of your busy day to check back on your listeners. Your advice holds so much value to me and I’m so thankful for the day I stumbled upon your podcast.
  • Thank you so much Trina– I just adore your podcast. You have been helping me along, you and my bible.
  • Your podcast has really helped me get thru this breakup. I struggled with making this decision for over a year!
  • I’ve been listening to your podcasts for the last three months. They have been so helpful to me.I appreciate you so much.  Your support has been so encouraging.
  • I recently stumbled upon your podcast series and it has been my saving grace. Honestly.Hello Trina and thank you for an amazing podcast with so much great advice.
  • Hi! I enjoy listening to your podcasts. They’ve been very helpful.
  • This helped me a lot especially the episode on people chasing or choosing you…..it made me feel alive again and made me realize that there are people out there that do want you. Please keep up the good work and keep these podcasts coming through.