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My style, as a breakup coach and host of the “breakup BOOST” podcast… is to provide direct advice in a compassionate way. When it comes to breakups and relationship issues, I’ll tell you what you NEED to hear, not just what you may WANT to hear. Sugarcoating things won’t help you move forward in a positive and healthy direction. That would just keep you stuck.

Whether you’re Googling
“how to get over a breakup fast,” looking for breakup coaching, struggling to let go of your ex, trying to save your relationship, or need dating advice, I can help you.

…or maybe you just need a good pep talk or someone to talk to who won’t judge you or tell you things like “Get over it…it’s their loss…there’s more fish in the sea.” Not only that, but friends and family don’t often give the best advice. And heck, maybe you’ve already talked to them about the same thing 27 times and they’re over it. That’s understandable too.

I have heard it all and seen it all, so there is absolutely NOTHING for you to be embarrassed about. You can talk to me about ANYTHING! I can relate to what you are going through and how you’re feeling. I get it. Which is exactly why I don’t want you to suffer longer than you have to or feel alone. Cause you aren’t. You got me!  Be sure to also check out the Best Breakup Book to Get Over Your Ex FAST!


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