Love podcasts? I know I do. They are the perfect thing to listen to in morning to start your day, while working out, while driving in the car, when making dinner, before you go to bed…  It’s a great way to multi-task and feel extra productive by learning something. If you are going through a breakup or having relationship issues and need advice, the ‘breakup BOOST’ podcast is for YOU!



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The purpose of the breakup BOOST relationship podcast is to:

  • Help you recover from a breakup or divorce
  • Help you stay strong throughout your breakup or divorce
  • Help you see things through a different and realistic perspective
  • Give you relationship advice
  • Give you advice for getting your ex back (although I don’t necessarily recommend this)
  • Help you get back in the dating saddle
  • Stay positive & motivated

You’ll be able to relate to the topics, learn from them, and realize that you really aren’t alone in how you are feeling in the moment. It’s seriously the best podcast to listen to after a breakup…and I’m not just saying that cause it’s mine 😉 See what others have to say about it HERE.

There is always a “golden nugget” in everything. You just need to spare a little time to listen for it.

Thanks for taking the time to listen to the breakup BOOST relationship podcast!  Please subscribe so you don’t miss any episodes…and if you like it, I would greatly appreciate a review on iTunes.


xo Trina


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