Listen to the “breakup BOOST” Podcast for Advice to Get Over Your Ex FAST & More!


The purpose of the breakup BOOST podcast is to:

  • Help you get over a breakup with the advice and perspectives you NEED to hear

  • Push you to take accountability for your choices going forward

  • Help you detect BS in future dating and relationship situations so that you don’t waste your time

  • Have some laughs about today’s modern dating world

  • Build your confidence and help you set standards!

  • Remind you to never be desperate – that is GUARANTEED to work against you, plus rob you of your self-esteem (Speaking of which, get your copy of Don’t Be DESPERATE HEREthe best book to get over your ex fast!)

You’ll be able to relate to the topics, learn from them, and realize that you really aren’t alone in how you are feeling in the moment. It’s seriously the best podcast to listen to after a breakup…and I’m not just saying that cause it’s mine. It’s the best breakup podcast on Spotify & Apple Podcasts in 2024!

You can also contact me for personalized advice or breakup coaching for your situation: phone, video, or email. Can’t wait to connect with you!


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