Phone Coaching with Trina

(1) BOOK A COACHING CALL (up to 60 minutes)

Do you need someone to talk to? Feeling down and need a boost? Just need to get something off your chest to be able to breathe again? Are you trying to go “no contact” and struggling not to call your ex? Talk to me instead. Get personalized advice and guidance for your situation.  Think of this as a call with a BFF who can keep you on track and be a sounding board…but without the normal BFF biased opinions.

DETAILS: Individual one-time fee per call – up to 60 minutes. You can order this package as many times as you like, whenever you need someone to talk to. I will email you within 24 hours of receiving your order so that we can choose a day and time for the call that best fits your schedule.

COST: $59.00 USD 


No appointment needed for this service. Just call 1-855-683-5433 and chat directly with Trina. Click here for details. (USA & Canada)

Good news: You can also reach this service by calling Los Angeles number 1-310-776-9600 from anywhere in the world. 


This is a more concise service than the email or phone coaching, but perfect when you don’t need to book a full coaching call, plus it has a fun personal touch to it!  Or maybe you have a friend going through a breakup or feeling blue about dating in general…gift them a video from Trina to BOOST their spirits! Click here for details.

Click here if interested in email coaching.


  • Do you need help getting your point across to your partner?
  • Does your partner seem to not want to listen to what you are saying?
  • Do you feel like you’re talking to a brick wall?
  • Do you wish you could have someone explain things to your partner from your point of view in a healthy and constructive way that they will understand?
  • Do you need help translating what your partner is trying to say to you?
  • Do you need ideas as to how to help fix your relationship?
  • Do you literally feel like you and your partner are speaking completely different languages?

I conduct a coaching call with both people individually. We get down to the nitty-gritty. Nothing kept under wraps. No stone unturned. Everything gets laid out on the table from your individual point of view. It can be so much easier to express yourself to a third party, not to mention stay calmer.

Then I have a second coaching call with each of you individually and communicate to you what is going on with the other person and what you can do to be a better partner for them and ways you can bridge the gap and improve things. It can help so much to get a third person involved.

You then have to both be dedicated to doing the work necessary on your end for the common good of your relationship – or like I said before – for the common good of the team.

I would also supply you with notes from our discussions to refer to and keep on track.

I then check in with both of you individually at a later date and get feedback as to how things are hopefully improving…and if you are still running into hurdles, I work with you to see what is creating these hurdles and how we can knock them down.  If you feel your relationship is worth saving, I’m here to join your team!

2 initial calls individually + 2 calls to relay information to your partner + 2 follow-up calls (1 to each of you)
No time limit on calls for this package

COST: $599.00 USD


Disclaimer: The information, posts, podcast episodes, opinions, and coaching provided by breakup BOOST is provided for general information and should not be misconstrued as counselling advice, diagnosis, as a replacement for psychotherapy, or to be used as a way to treat mental illness. Consult your doctor or counselor to determine the best course of action for you.

As laws, details, and personal situations vary from person to person, province to province, and state to state – articles and content contained herein are not and cannot to be used as a substitute for legal, parental, health, mental health, career or financial advice.

Trina is a breakup coach in Vancouver, but helps people worldwide via email and phone coaching…as well as her popular breakup podcast, “breakup BOOST“

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