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I’m doing a casting call, so to speak, for listeners (men and women 21+ years old) who would like to be a guest on my podcast, breakup BOOST. These special “Listen In” episodes are like having a complimentary coaching session. You share whatever is weighing on your mind… and we will have a conversation about it to air at a later date on the podcast.

  • It can be a dating issue, a relationship problem, or breakup related… heck, we can even chat about friendship fall outs. The door is open…. The only type of topic I am not looking for is anything of a sexual nature.
  • I will give you my thoughts and advice on how to move forward so that you can get this heavy weight off your shoulders. It will also be great because there will be so many people who will be able to relate to your situation or at least parts of it.
  • These will be audio only… no video will be recorded… I will reserve the right to use audio clips in promotional material though.

So, what are the next steps if you want to be a guest?

(1) Send me an email to

(2) Include a BRIEF description of what the issue is. By brief, I mean, no more than 75 words. In case you don’t get chosen, I don’t want you spending a ton of time on this… but also, I don’t want to know the whole entire situation so that it sounds a lot more authentic on the episode.

(3) Be sure to include all ages of people involved and please let me know WHERE you are located and your TIME ZONE for planning purposes.

(4) I will get in touch with you if I want to use your situation and we will go from there.

Can’t wait to hear from you! -Trina

Extra Info:

  • You can use your real name or a fake name if you are would prefer to remain anonymous.
  • For equipment: If you have microphone and headphone equipment, that’s awesome, but I know most people don’t have this, and that’s ok! As long as you have WIRED earbuds with a microphone piece on it – OR – a headset with a microphone piece, that you can plug directly into your computer. If you have Apple earbuds, that works. Basically, if you have any type of wired ear buds where you can normally to talk to someone on a phone call using them, they have a built-in microphone.
  • No airpods and no cell phones. Cell phones cause too many distractions or start ringing part way though.

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