Relatable, honest & logical breakup book to get over someone FAST!

Broken-hearted? Missing your ex? Stuck in an on-and-off relationship? Confused about a situationship? Googling “best breakup book to get over my ex”?

Well, you’ve reached the right place!

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best breakup book for getting over your ex

Don’t Be DESPERATE : Get Over Your Breakup with CLARITY & DIGNITY! … the ultimate breakup book where everything makes so much sense … is for sale on Amazon HERE.

Guaranteed to help you get over your ex (or situationship) without having to look back and cringe at your behaviour (as long as you actually follow the advice). This jam-packed book includes 111 topics that rack your brain during a relationship and after a breakup + 111 motivating and positive breakup affirmations that will inspire you to keep pushing forward. It’s like getting two books in one!

  • Take off the rose-coloured glasses.
  • Stop allowing fear-based thoughts to keep you stuck.
  • Start reading between the lines.
  • Become independent vs. clingy and needy.
  • Say goodbye to players, cheaters, and time wasters.
  • Empower yourself to make choices that make sense.
  • Build your self-esteem & confidence and treat yourself like a PRIZE!
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If you want to be coddled, this isn’t the book for you. BUT, if you crave honesty, realness, relatable humour, someone who genuinely has your back, AND you’re ready to take charge of your life, BUY IT NOW! The universe has led you here for a reason. Wink, wink.

So, come on… it’s transformation time. You ready? (Trust me. This is a MUCH better option than Googling “get my ex back” or ordering a love spell.)

For the best breakup book to get over your ex fast, full of breakup etiquette (what to do and what NOT to do)… that you will actually have fun reading… CLICK HERE! Yes, there are funny parts! Who wants a depressing a boring breakup book, after all?! No thanks! We like EMPOWERING & MOTIVATING around here… So, stop wondering “How to get over someone fast?” because you have your answer. Now, you just have to take action.

This motivational breakup book (including 111 breakup affirmations) is suitable for both men and women. It’s also the perfect breakup gift for anyone in your life who needs to get over a breakup fast.

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