Trina Will Help You Get Over Your Ex or Situationship & Rebuild from the Inside-Out

Hey there! I’m Trina and I am so happy that you came across breakup BOOST! The perfect place if you are wondering how to get over heartbreak.

The reason I wanted to start the breakup BOOST podcast and phone and email coaching business is because I found myself constantly encountering people who were either struggling with a relationship, going through a breakup, sitting on the fence about whether they should breakup, or getting back into the dating scene and having a tough time with it.

I am also a writer and have a book available on Amazon called Don’t Be DESPERATE: Get Over Your Breakup with Clarity & Dignity!

I’ve been told a thousand times “This is your gift!” … and I would have to confidently agree. I am able to use my personal experiences and insight into human behaviour to be able to analyze people’s relationships with others, as well as the relationship they have with themselves. I have a way of really seeing the “big picture.” I can relate to my listeners and coaching clients and I make them feel heard. I know what they’re thinking when going through what they’re going through, how they’re feeling, and the lies they are telling themselves, which only keep them stuck. I take pride in telling people what they NEED to hear – not just what they may WANT to hear. Sugarcoating and coddling won’t help anyone move forward in a healthier direction.

Times are changing…and relationships seem to be getting more challenging to build and maintain. I know what it’s like to go through heartbreak – but I also know that you can always get through it and be better off because of it.

My mission is to help people heal their hearts and be better equipped for future relationships when they are ready to get back in the dating saddle. So much of this is about truly recognizing one’s worth, identifying weaknesses, and re-building confidence.

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Media inquiries – please CLICK HERE to email me.  I am interested in contributing to articles, interviews, participating on panels, and being a guest on other podcasts.

Trina is a breakup coach who helps people worldwide via email, phone, and text. Be sure to listen to the best breakup podcast, “breakup BOOST Advice to Get Over Your Ex & More” to level up and help keep you on track with your healing process.

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