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Hey there! I’m Trina and I am so happy that you came across breakup BOOST!

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The reason I wanted to start the breakup BOOST podcast and coaching business is because I found myself constantly encountering people who were either struggling with a relationship, going through a breakup, sitting on the fence about whether they should breakup, or getting back into the dating scene and having a tough time with it.

I also found myself constantly offering advice and coaching friends through their heartbreak and dating episodes (and being good at it).  That’s when I decided to kick it up a notch and extend my reach to be able to help so many other people who need support and strength during such a difficult time.

Times are changing…and relationships seem to be getting more challenging to build and maintain. I know what it’s like to go through heartbreak – but I also know that you can always get through it and be better off because of it.

My mission is to help people heal their hearts and get back in the dating saddle.

I now have listeners around the world and have received such positive feedback. It feels amazing to bring this dream into fruition and serve as a support system to thousands of people.

Please connect with me on social media @breakupBOOST.

Media inquiries – please CLICK HERE to email me.  I am interested in contributing to articles, interviews, participating on panels, and being a guest on other podcasts.

Trina is a breakup expert in Vancouver, but helps people worldwide via email, phone, and on her popular relationship podcast, “breakup BOOST”.

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