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Breakup, dating, and relationship coaching with Trina can help you:

  • Survive a breakup
  • Recover from your breakup at a faster pace
  • Stay strong after your breakup and get you on a healthy path of healing
  • See things through a different and realistic perspective (because it’s hard to see clearly after a breakup)
  • Boost your confidence and help you recognize and remember your worth
  • Rid your mind of the negative thought patterns (not finding someone else, being alone)
  • Find solutions to your relationship problems
  • Break unhealthy and toxic patterns
  • With tips for how to deal with your ex – personalized for your situation
  • Formulate a plan to increase your chances of getting your ex back if that is your goal (although I don’t necessary recommend this – however – if you feel you need to give it one more try, I can help you increase your chances as long as you follow certain steps)
  • Get back in the dating saddle
  • Create the ultimate dating profile – improve and increase your matches
  • With pre- and post date advice – feel confident before your date and we can review what you can do better next time
  • Stay positive & motivated

Breakups are tough!  One of the worst things we have to endure in life.  There’s no question about that.

You can feel lost, lonely, empty, and like you are carrying a ton of bricks on your shoulders that is creating this heaviness around you that won’t let up.  It feels like it will never get better.  Going through a breakup usually also takes away our ability to think rationally when it comes to choices that have to do with our ex…things that we end up doing – and then regretting – that tend to make us feel even worse.

And there’s only so many times you can talk to your friends and family about this before they don’t want to listen anymore…or maybe they are having their own issues and can’t handle taking on your problems too. It could also be that maybe they just don’t know what to say or are too busy with their own lives to be a good support system. Or maybe you feel it’s better to just leave them out of your business, period. (Which is definitely a good idea.)

Whatever the case may be, it can do wonders to have a Breakup Coach to help you through this who will be there for you, who can give you unbiased advice, and help get your life back on track.

Oh…and get you back into the dating scene too.  Yes! That is something we want to work towards!  There is love out there for you – we just have to get you to a healthy, confident place to be able to attract a great partner into your life who is better suited for you.

So…if you are starting to venture back into dating land…I can help you with setting up your dating profiles, give advice before your dates, and feedback after your dates.

And even if you are doing great after your breakup and just want to have someone on hand to be able to reach out to when needed, or to ask for advice on a variety of topics…I can help with that too!

How does this sound? Great?  Well, please reach out for the best breakup coaching services NOW and let’s get started!

Sidenote: This is key for all of my coaching clients to adhere to —–> To improve your life, you need to be committed to putting the work in and making the necessary changes to get to where you want to be.  

What are you waiting for? You really can only go up from here!

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