Don’t fear. Breakup help is here.

So you’re going through a breakup or having a relationship issue? You’ve reached the right place. Grab a copy of my breakup book to get over your ex fast HERE!

You’re probably thinking things like:

  • I’ll never get over this
  • I can’t live without my ex
  • I’ll never meet anyone else
  • I don’t want to ‘start over’
  • They swore they wouldn’t hurt me
  • They said they wanted to marry me
  • I don’t know why we can’t just get it together
  • I’ll never find that type of connection again
  • I wish they would realize what we have
  • The thought of them moving on drives me crazy
  • I just can’t let go

These feelings suck. There’s really no other way to describe it. And hey, what about the anxiety and stress that comes along with it? It’s the worst feeling ever, right? Not to mention, how difficult it is to concentrate on your work or find the motivation to work out.

I deal with people every single day who feel the exact same way you are feeling right now. They thought they’d never get over it. They thought it would be impossible to heal. Some have tried therapists, only to be asked “How did that make you feel?” and left those appointments feeling no better than when they arrived. See for yourself HERE.

I’m all about getting you back on your feet as soon as possible vs. letting this drag on for months, or heaven forbid, years. Your time is precious.

Plus, I want to speed up the time it takes for you to look back and say “Oh my gosh. I’m so glad that didn’t work out because I am so much happier now! I feel like myself again!”

breakup BOOST is your one stop shop for getting through a breakup or whatever you are dealing with. Here’s how:

(1) LISTEN to the breakup BOOST podcast (the best podcast to get over a breakup + move on from toxic relationships) on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. (Click here for direct link)

(2) Buy my book “Don’t Be DESPERATE: Get Over Your Breakup with CLARITY & DIGNITY!” on Amazon: HERE! You’ll wish you had it sooner, but better late than never!

(3) Connect with me on Instagram & TikTok.

(4) SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel.

(5) Need to talk to someone ASAP? Don’t panic. Call the BREAKUP HOTLINE. No appointment needed. 24/7. Talk for as little or as long as you like. First 10 minutes are FREE for first time callers.

(6) BOOK a COACHING CALL with me – we’ll chat for up to 60 minutes and dive right into your personal situation. I accommodate all countries and time zones.

(7) ORDER EMAIL COACHING and get a well thought-out, lengthy response. I literally spend hours on these and make sure every aspect is covered. High-value service that you can refer to ongoing.

(8) Feeling shy or not able to talk on the phone at the moment? CHAT ONLINE.

(9) ORDER a PERSONALIZED VIDEO REPLY from Trina for your relationship issue.

(10) ORDER A CAMEO for you or a friend, family member, co-worker

Any questions? CONTACT ME.


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