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Your podcast brought me back to life. I still listen to old episodes on repeat because it has helped me so much. Your advice is so honest and true, I really appreciate you taking the time to help me and all others who are hurting.

Booking a coaching call with you was the best money I’ve spent all year. I just have one regret – that I didn’t do it sooner! It’s like talking to a best friend who is super real (and incredibly insightful) and tells you what you need to hear because they love you.

You are simply brilliant and a Godsend.

I was going to counselling for a while, but never felt any resolution, and to be frank, the counsellor seemed like she was always just watching the clock and not really invested in our sessions. THEN the night I googled for email advice for a breakup or heartbreak or something like that and landed on your website, I had no idea it would be my saving grace. I REALLY REALLY REALLY needed someone to tell me all of these things because I was completely deluding myself. I never knew that someone who is a literally stranger could bring me to tears, in a good way of course… and make me laugh at the same time. YOU ROCK! My daughters are in their 20’s and love your podcast and tell all of their friends too! As a mother, it’s so nice to know that someone is steering my daughter in the right direction because I am so lost on all of this modern dating stuff. We love you, Trina.

Going through a breakup and (of course) have been Googling every bit of
advice/Podcasts/articles to help me through this time. I stumbled across your
Podcast and am so grateful I did. I never write stuff like this to people, but
the change I have felt since listening to your Podcast has been so helpful I
just wanted to encourage you to keep doing what you are doing!

relatable and insightful love advice – helped me through my breakup + situationship breakup.. love your voice too girl keep it up x

I can’t tell you how much I look up to and respect you, and how grateful I am to have found your podcast. I see a wonderful therapist regularly which is super helpful, but your podcast is literally like talking to a best friend – something I really didn’t feel I could do in the context of my most recent relationship and break-up. There are SEVERAL episodes that I have bookmarked and listen to ON REPEAT when I need to.

From my unfortunately vast experience with breakups, you give the most real advice in a world full of some bad advice!

The first time I called your breakup hotline, I was so nervous. I had never done anything like that before. And plus, I listen to your podcast all the time, so I have to admit I was a little star struck haha. Within the first minute, your welcoming nature made me feel so comfortable. I felt I could tell you anything and you just “got it” and made me feel so heard. It’s not that I don’t have anyone else to talk to, but I have learned the hard way that it’s best to not share everything with friends and family! It can backfire and leave you wondering, “Why did I tell them that??!!” Now I know that whenever I am at a crossroads or just need someone to chat to and get things off my chest, you’re just a phone call away. It’s such an anxiety relief! Thank you, Trina.

You have made me realize my worth and I can’t tell you how much your podcasts have helped. Working out is now my new best friend! 

I wanted to say that I’ve been listening to your podcasts every day for a week and have listened to almost all of them! It’s been an incredible help and so many of the things you said stuck with me. I have been going through a ‘carousel relationship’ and I’ve been completely miserable. Your podcasts gave me the strength to tell him we need to go no contact and I’m really hoping that I’ll finally be able to move on.

Trina if you’re reading this, you’re absolutely amazing! Thank you for always giving me so much clarity and for not sugar coating anything even if it hurts to hear out loud. It always feels therapeutic speaking to you and I’m so glad you have this platform to share your advice and wisdom with us all. You’re a gem!!! Thanks again for everything :)) Xoxo

She wakes me up! Thank you for creating such a wonderful podcast like this. I don’t know how long it would take me to realize and understand the whole situations of breaking up. She walks me through it and makes it really clear about the things that difficult for me to realize all by myself. Thanks again Trina!

I’ve been hearing this podcast just to get some clarity with something that I was struggling with in relation to a girl and I got my answers without ever getting in touch with the host. Content has value and doesn’t feel waste of time. It’s to the point and makes so much sense. Loving it! Thank you

CLARITY AT LAST! After 30 years in a relationship & being cheated on I was like what the F***. I walked out of my family home and cried like buggery but I needed someone to help me and that was Trina! I’m getting better everyday & my future looks bright because of this amazing podcast! Thanks Trina you are also a beautiful human being!!

Trina = Power Trina you are truly God sent! You helped me open my eyes through my relationship and now you’re helping me heal through my breakup. You opened my eyes of my worth and what I truly need in my life. I even realized a few problems of my own that I can work on. Love how how you tell it like it is!! I can almost feel you shaking my shoulders as you tell it like it is! You’re powerful, thank you Trina! Please never stop helping us!

Episode 253 – Thanks for this one, really needed to hear this…self abuse at its best by stalking on social media and hurting yourself over and over. This talk resonated with me, although the temptation is there i am no longer giving in to it and getting on with my life…what a waste of my time…thanks Trina, hugely impactful for me! Addendum: I have listened to most of the episodes and it can be compared to someone gently putting their arm around you and encouraging you to face the facts or reality of your situation and guiding you in the direction of positivity. She makes you dig deep and really think…thank you for assisting me during this very difficult time.

You’re the best! I started listening to your podcast when I finally decided to leave my abusive ex. Let me tell you, your podcast has made me feel 20x better. Your advice and experiences are eye opening. I’ve learned so much from listening to you. I’m taking a break from dating to find peace again and to go through this journey to find a new me, because let’s face it, the old me was taken away unfortunately and I won’t ever find her again. listening to every episode will help me become a better person so I don’t carry my trauma to the next person. THANK YOU SO MUCH <3

Best breakup Podcast – Unfortunately i listened all your episodes now nothing left to hear more .. but notifications are on and i am always excited to hear “ whats coming up next”!! You are an angel and your podcasts saved me to get vulnerable again in the relationship and took your guidance matchable to mine, and please please record your podcasts more often , we need it as cant find anyone similar to yours in this podcast.. stay blessed hun xx

A 14-page email coaching reply?? Are you serious? I will treasure your words of wisdom FOREVER. Everything you said makes SO MUCH SENSE. The fog has been lifted! I am in awe. How do you know all this stuff?! I appreciate your time. You REALLY care about your clients and I respect that so much.

You’re amazing. I never realized how another human on a podcast that I don’t even know can have such an affect on me . You content makes me feel as I am not alone , that I’m not going crazy in my thoughts . I listen to you every morning on my way to work and every night before going to bed . I can truly say you have. A huge impact on my mood and feeling refreshed . Thank you . Continue to do what you do .

Right On Time – A couple of years ago I was going through a break up and your podcast really got me through. Now a several years later I am going through another break up and I’m happy to say that although I stay away too long, I knew that it was coming towards an end. This morning I woke up, feeling a bit sad about the break up, I was primarily thinking about how my communication style could’ve been different and all the things I could’ve done differently to foster safety and healthy communication in the relationship. But I open up my phone and it suggested your podcast. So episode #250 had just come out and it is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you so much for providing the service to us while we go through challenging times and given us a professional opinion that is non-biased. Thank you again.

Podcast for Heartbreak!!! I don’t even know where to begin. Nothing I write in this review will truly do justice to how thankful I am to have found your podcast. You’ve helped me so much this past month slowly getting through what I thought would be impossible. I’ve never felt heartbreak like this before and having this podcast has helped me come out of denial and realize that I deserve so much more. I’ve listened to a few other breakup podcasts before finding yours and I can honestly say none are as good or as helpful. You’re so real and don’t sugar coat anything, you get to the point and you say the TRUTH, not what I might want to hear, but what I NEED to hear!! Your personality is also amazing, I feel like I have a true friend guiding me through this. I was having a horrible day and was so close to breaking no contact and texting my ex but I didn’t. I wanted to just phone you up and tell you so badly, I was so proud of myself!! You’ve made me so much stronger, in the past I’m sure I would’ve texted him. Sometimes I think to myself where I would be if never found this podcast and I can’t even imagine. I’ve recommended this podcast to so many people, whether it be random people on TikTok or people in my life and they all LOVE it!! Please never stop what you’re doing because you’re a true lifesaver and all your hard work and dedication to this podcast does not go unnoticed, thank you so much again Trina!!!

Exactly what I needed to hear. Broke up with my boyfriend of 7 years. So much great information in the podcast that boost you up when feeling sad and lonely.

Precise and Sage Advice – After a recent painful break-up, this podcast has been my closest friend. Thank you for calling out the sometimes “hard to face realities” of our own making in relationships. It is exactly what I needed to hear, even though I cringed through a lot of it. It was in those moments that I have most seen myself and been determined to grow and learn from my mistakes. Moving forward, I will read red flags AND LISTEN to my intuition from the get go. And, no more second chances to exes who have proven unworthy of my efforts. The buck stops here, and you’ve guided me into the light. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Your advice and insight in episode #243 about the confused guy whose girlfriend left him after he said hurtful things, was so incredibly spot on. You nailed it! Doesn’t everyone wish to be treated with such dignity? If every human could listen to this podcast, and work to emulate this loyalty into their relationships…what a beautiful place our world could be. You are a gift Trina.

Amazing. Good advice and she’s nice. Thanks for telling people what they need to hear in a nice way. I’m a guy and my ex was a guy and I wish I found your podcast sooner. I like boys and you’re right on so many things. Keep the episodes coming

What a Life Saver with Great Advice! Breakup Boost podcast has been amazingly helpful! A good friend of mine found your podcast and sent it to me after a recent breakup that has been especially difficult. I’ve listened to so many episodes since I received the link and have found them very helpful in the healing process! Thank you Trina! Your advice is direct, honest, insightful, and to the point. No sugar coating here! You help give a path forward with confidence as well as provide takeaways to look for, look out for, and keep in mind for future relationships! Thank you so much for your help and insight! It’s much appreciated!

TEN STARS – Dear Trina, You have been the most help throughout the beginning stages of my break up back in April. I still constantly listen and it has helped me through everything more than I ever thought possible. My favorite episode is #204 he broke up with me out of the blue. You are the best! With love…

The hard love you need. I’m currently going thru a break up, something i didnt see coming, a person i loved and saw a future with. and i hurts a lot to just see the person you love, flip a switch and see them doing so well, and youre here, wondering why, and stuck and its making it harder because my ex wanted to stay in touch as friends as im close to him and his family too. but this podcast, has everything i need to hear, having not much friend group as i moved to a different country, and still finding my tribe. thank you so much for this podcast.

Hits Home on Soooo Many Levels! My goodness….Trina is a LIFEsaver…my situation I’m going thru right now is definitely a first for me on the whole break-up level. I jumped into a relationship or as the new term goes “situationship” with a married man that course, was old song an dance of…”getting a divorce an he was so happy to meet me”….welllll I must admit yes yes I DID ignore some major red flags because I was just infatuated with him right? It’s true love…👎🏽 He DOES still live under the same roof but of course is sleeping on the couch an all that good jazz…I know I know…most definitely took a lot of the info he gave me an just ran with it cause we were having so much fun! Well…yep after, I’m assuming, the novelty wore off of us, he became distant an made me hella confused an hurt….we limped it along for another few weeks until ultimately I got the courage to say, maybe once you figure out your stuff then we could have a chance but for now I’m signing out of your life…now I know that could mean I’m “hanging on” or “keeping hope” but here I am on a really really good breakup podcast! Because I am reflecting back on all the things I DID ignore an they are starting to prove better light that I just…was “for the time being” 💔 Don’t get me wrong there are still days where it stings A LOT, because I did invest time an was faithful with all that I shared with him, but to see it slowly crumble and not receive the same respect I gave him…was crushing an I still do have care for him…I’m really just hoping with time an listening to solid advice podcasts (like Trinia’s!) that I to, can become a stronger woman and will find someone worth the effort it takes to maintain a happy, healthy, relationship! Thank you so much Trinia for all the work you put into these podcasts and letting people who are struggling to come to terms with aspects they just can’t seem to do on their own for right then (the boat I’m currently floating on) I will continue to listen to more and more!

Lifesaver!  just ended a 9 years relationship. When I listen to her podcast, I realize how much I have abandoned my values, my self-respect in the name of love. I understand because of her that to be happy in a relationship we must prioritize and set boundaries. All the techniques she gives are greatly beneficial and she opens our eyes with her precious advice. You have a new adept!

Amazing and straight to the point. I love her. Going through a breakup and being emotional this is just the slap in the face I need. Like get out of your emotions and woman up. I love how short they are. If I need a five minute boost or listen to 12 in a row. Listen to these so helpful and straight forward.

I love your advice. I think you are so right on. You make me laugh at some of the dumb things we do. Thank you for expressing so many feelings we all have as women! Your pretty awesome lady!

Saved My Life! I can’t thank Trina enough for this podcast. I’m so grateful to have stumbled upon it. I recently went through a breakup and this has been saving my life every single day. I answer her questions out loud with no shame! Will definitely be recommending this to anyone going through difficult times in the future in hopes it can help them like it helped me.

Love the podcasts! That episode hit home 100%! I dated someone who had practically every single one of these issues/flaws. Thank you Trina!!! I’ve been listening to you for years and I follow you on IG you always give amazing and relatable advice.

Holy Crap. How did I not know about this podcast sooner? I’m not sure what people think when they see me walking around with my headset on…exclaiming “Yes!” and “No!” but I don’t even care. When I’m listening to Trina, I feel like she’s talking directly to me. This woman has the most compelling common sense points about relationships you will ever hear. I am truly grateful.

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