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I can’t emphasize enough how much it means to me when someone takes the time to leave me a review or send me an email to let me know how much I have helped them. It reinforces exactly why I decided to start breakup BOOST!

Thank you to all of you who listen to my podcast. Also, thank you to those of you who trust in me to open up and share your story with me via breakup coaching too!

The type of help you can’t get at the doctor.

I was in a major slump… I was dating someone for 4 years I had my life and future planned around that person, when he broke up with me I felt like there was no purpose in life anymore.. after getting help from a doctor, and therapist I STILL couldn’t believe it happened to me.. I needed more help so I thought to try find a podcast to listen to because I drive a lot, I now listen to this podcast not only when I’m driving but when I’m in the shower, when I feel down in the dumps, before bed etc. I love Trina’s advice I love this podcast it has honestly helped me in so many ways. I keep a journal near if I’m at home and will actually write out advice and reflect further, I even have sticky notes of things Trina’s said on my mirror! So thank you so much for helping me through such a difficult time.. I look forward to every new episode!

Xoxo goldbubbly via Apple Podcasts


The One

This is the podcast you’re looking for. You need this! I am a registered nurse who always wants to help and comfort people. I recently found out my husband of 6 years was living a double life. My best friend was sleeping with a lot of women, using drugs, and talking derogatory about me, when I wasn’t around. I was devastated and broken. I am only one week out and I’ve listened to various podcasts, looking for anything to grasp. BreakUp Boost is my lifesaver. Episode 81 is unsurpassed. I am relieved to hang up my investigator hat and concentrate on my own needs and happiness. You have no idea how thankful I am, your podcast literally saved my life and now I can continue taking care of my patients. God bless.

nurse-kennedy via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

Thank u Trina!

I have been enjoying this podcast for some time now. I love that Trina is nonjudgmental and that she always tells it like it is. She’s great at explaining things and helping me feel like my feelings are normal. I feel so much stronger and hopeful about the future. Episode #103 opened my eyes!! Listen and you’ll know how great she is!

Lydrx via Apple Podcasts ·United States of America

My Superhero!

This truly IS your calling - Thank you for passing on your knowledge and confidence to people like me who might’ve missed out on some important life skills during the developmental years. I’m not only motivated to let go of a relationship that has had a stronghold on me for many many many years but you are helping me with procrastination issues, health-style issues and responsibility for myself. I find myself wanting to know more about - how, who and what shaped you. You’re a fabulous ‘friend’. Thank you for being so strong and so concise. This is perfect! Keep it going! 

SkittleSh via Apple Podcasts ·United States of America

The only podcast to listen to after a breakup

This podcast has helped me bounce back from being broken up with. Trina help me see my ex was not a match for me and I am better off without them. Helped me realize that being alone is really the upgrade!

Jenn_xo via Apple Podcasts



My world felt like it was literally falling apart around me after I found out my boyfriend who I had moved myself half way across the world to be with had be unfaithful. I was desperately seeking advice anywhere I could find it and stumbled across Trina’s podcast. Since then I’ve listened to probably every episode, cried, laughed, felt empowered & even emailed her for coaching advice. Not only did she send me such an amazing email filled with so much advice that I read almost everyday to remind myself why I ended the relationship but she STILL emails me to check up on how I’m doing !!! Honestly Trina has now become a part of my life since she helped me make the decision to move out into my first apartment on my own in a completely different country. I appreciate her so much for all the time and effort she puts into this and what a beautiful person she is to help others!! LOVE LOVE LOVE thank you

Trina x jenmaidment via Apple Podcasts


Trinaaaa! Thank You!

First of all, Thank You! I’m 31 years old man – Firefighter – Northern California. I’ve been going through so much with my ex – girlfriend. I love her so much but our goals and values are so much different. We’ve broken up so many times and now it’s been a month sense we last talked. There are certain times of the day that all the emotions come flowing back. For me it’s around 3pm. But all I have to do is start listening to your podcast and you put everything into perspective for me. You make me laugh, you are so smart, and I am grateful that your podcast came into my life. I’ve looked for many remedies for the pain and anxiety. Your podcast is the only thing that I have found that really works. Diamond Certified Forsurrrrrre! 😉 If you are ever single Trina, I’ll take you out for coffee and a long walk on the beach. 🙂

bb123bb1234 via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

New Woman

After breaking up with, wanting to get back together with, and then being rejected by my boyfriend of nearly 3 years Trina has helped me see the positives and that this break up was for my best interests. All of her tips and affirmations have really impacted my break up journey and are things I will carry forward into my everyday life. I always turn to these podcasts when I feel like I miss him (it has barely been 3 days) and Trina gives me the confidence that I need to get through my day. I’ve even found myself saying “I love myself” and doing things not just out of an attempt to distract myself but out of enjoyment as well. You’re helping so many people Trina and I have already told so many people about these podcasts. Keep up the amazing work!

sarakepic via Apple Podcasts


Spot on podcast!

I’ve listened to MANY podcasts of this nature and Break Up Boost is by far the best. Trina really gets it, is very articulate, knowledgeable and tuned in to the modern world. I love that there are so many episodes, you never run out of content, and can always find a relevant topic for whatever moment you’re having.

DunGav21 via Apple Podcasts


Ultimate breakup go to for encouragement

Super helpful for the days I was feeling vulnerable right when I was gonna relapse I play this podcast truly every episode has a great message thanks Trina This is just what I needed!

vickycashsxm via Apple Podcasts


Such a boost...literally!!

I’ve listened to every single one of the Breakup Boost episodes whether it applies to me or not. Some have given me guidance, some have given me assurance, and some have just literally woke me up!! Listening to these episodes really help with knowing your self worth even on the days where you don’t feel as worthy. Trina helps me through!!! Love this podcast so much.

nikki dime via Apple Podcasts ·United States of America

Exactly what I needed to calm my head

I had separation anxiety. I really didn’t know what to do or how to think. All I wanted was to reach out to my wife and try and convince her to get back with me. But after listening to Trina, she calm me down and helped me step back and re-evaluate myself. Make me understand that I needed to focus on me, because I was giving all my energy to someone that didn’t want to be with me. All I know is that even though I miss my wife soon to be ex wife, I realized I need to love me before I can share my love with someone else. If your reading this Trina, thank you. There are a few episodes that made me cry when I realized how broken I was. Thank you for helping me look at things from a different aspect. You will never know how calm you have made me realizing I need to just chill when people leave us.

Forsurchi via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

A Life Saver

When my 8 year relationship ended I was devastated. Your podcast was a life saver with endless practical advice and emotional support. Many of the things you talk about shone a light on not only the negative behaviour of my ex partner but also on my own behaviour that had contributed to the relationship not working. Hard truths are quite often the most helpful. Thank you so much for your podcast it has been and continues to be a source of great insight and reassurance on long walks with my dog. All the best!

Lee the dog walker via Apple Podcasts ·Great Britain

Thank you

I spent two years in the most toxic relationship I’ve ever experienced. I’ve never been in a toxic relationship and I can’t understand how I even ended up in it. Maybe I was vulnerable after my divorce. I have a strong personality and can’t believe how I put up with the devaluation and mental abuse, lying and cheating. This podcast was critical in gaining back my self esteem again. Thank you!!

sallyrui via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

Highly recommended for the broken-hearted

This podcast is a MUST if you are thinking about or going through the end of a relationship. This podcast is uplifting and authentic. Trina is thoughtful and sincere. Her ability to make you feel seen and understood is refreshing. She keeps it real ya’ll and that is worth your time and attention! Thank you Trina!

siri923 via Apple Podcasts ·United States of America

Not so broken anymore

9 months ago I was broken up with by a man I spent 5 years of my life with. Although I should have left him long before he got the chance to leave me, I realized I never had the self confidence or self respect to walk away. I spent all day crying for months, listening to these episodes on replay till they finally stuck. I would force myself to go to the gym and would stick my earphones in and run while listening to your advice. Although it felt like forever, I finally learned to choose people who choose you. I still get sad, and there are times when I still miss him, but I also remember how much I’ve grown from this and all of the opportunities I now have in front of me. I love being independent... and I’m so excited to one day meet a man who loves me just as much as I love myself. Trina, thank you for truly allowing me to get through this rough patch in my life. I couldn’t be more grateful. I know you may not truly understand the impact you have on each individual but I’m telling you, you changed everything for me. I still listen to your episodes when I have a rough day. You always snap me back into my strong mindset. Thank you thank you thank you. You are incredible.

Katie_L_623 via Apple Podcasts ·United States of America

A Virtual Handbook for Guidance & Healing

I did an organic search in the app store after a painful breakup seeking help, and this podcast was at the top of the results. Within the first few episodes I was all in and have listened to a multitude of episodes. Trina uses tried-and-true practical methods, without getting too scientific in her show. I highly recommend tuning in and will be seeking additional coaching services. You owe it to yourself to try it at least once!

RMT_83 via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

Real advice during a really hard time

I was suffering from a break up after three years of giving it my all and I couldn’t get over the pain. I found Break Up Boost by accident and I can’t thank you enough for being there for me when I really needed it. I love your straightforward advice, the “get over it“ and “you deserve better”… Things that we know in our hearts but in our hours of despair it’s hard to remember. Over the last few months, Trina’s advice has transformed me into a stronger and healthier person. Between her podcasts & Instagram messages I was able to cut ties completely w my ex and am thrilled to say that when he tried to reconnect six months later, I had the strength & sf-esteem to say “no thanks”. I am now in a healthy relationship and feel great! Thank you, Trina, for being there for me. Thanks for helping so many people like me get through some really hard times and to go on to make healthy connections. You’re the best!!

RLD_SB1964 via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

The only podcast you need to get you through a breakup

Trina, thank you so much for this podcast. I am 3 weeks post discovering my husband of 22 years has been cheating for the last 18+ months. I have never experienced pain like this and have truly lost myself in the depths of despair and humiliation and shock. Your podcast has helped me to see the truth and to accept certain facts that I know will help me to move on. I have also reached out through your email coaching service and your long and honest response will be my foundation for finally moving on and finding happiness again. I can not recommend Trina enough for anyone going through any kind of heartbreak. This is the only podcast that I could truly relate to and I am so grateful to Trina for putting this out there. X

Chikarimo via Apple Podcasts

Great Britain

Not just for women

I really appreciate the boost of confidence that this podcast has given me. Men are a bit different from women when it comes to expressing their emotions. They like to keep everything hidden. When I listen to her speak about certain things I can relate and understand that I’m not the only one and that I’ve made the right choice on removing myself from a toxic relationship. I get the motivation and encouragement to move on. So yes I recommend this Podcast to anyone that is feeling the emotional pain, the uncertainty, the mental anguish that their previous relationship has cause them. Thank you Trina for all your help!

iknodis via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

Ending a long relationship of 10 years

I was with my boyfriend of 10 years. I ended the relationship due to his lack of caring about my feelings! I was crushed even though I ended it. Your’e pod cast has helped me get through this in so many ways!! I have ended up a better person because of you! I Thank you!! You are the best!

flugles via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

Wow such a help!

After going through a pretty tough situation with a woman and a break up I decided to search for relationship advice and stumbled across to Trina. I listened to a couple different podcasts and instantly related to things that she was saying. Sometimes it’s just the brutal truth that you already know to be common sense but you were ignoring it in the middle of a painful episode. A painful break up. So thank you Trina for taking the time to put this information together and also for taking my phone call to help give some guidance which I found extremely helpful. I hope others will take the time to listen to her information as it is very much common sense information that anyone going through this situation will benefit from. Thanks again for what you’re doing! It is making a difference 👍🏻

911hot via Apple Podcasts

United States of America


She does a great job coaching you through this terrible time.

Anthony NICHOLAS via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

Couldn’t Live Without Trina at the Moment

So, my boyfriend of 19 years (okay there were some problems which is why he isn’t my husband) just left me to enter into an arranged marriage with a Muslim woman that he’s met once after becoming a Muslim two years ago. We broke up three weeks ago and he gets married in two days and then moves out of state. I couldn’t make this up if I tried I am beyond devastated by this sudden loss. The only thing really helping at the moment is this empowering podcast. I’m so thankful to have found her. It’s helping me see my situation a little more clearly and honestly, the only time I feel really calm about it, is when I hear Trina’s voice with all her infinite wisdom. I know I will get through this even though it seems pretty impossible at the moment.

Liza in A2 via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

Wisdom for the heart

I have been trying to find a brake up podcast that means something to me; and this one is everything ❤️ I feel she has so much wisdom and speaks to your soul. Thank you!

Kenia1990 via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

A key part of my recovery

I don’t know where I would be in my journey to breakup recovery without this podcast. When times were so hard that I could barely focus on what I was doing, I played and replayed this podcast to listen to the words I needed to hear that I couldn’t tell myself. I learned so much about not only relationships and how to handle a breakup, but also so much about myself as a person. I have recommended this podcast to others on as well because I wouldn’t be this healed without it! I am at a much better place now and the breakup is just a memory, but sometimes I still listen to this podcast because there’s so much important information and it helps immensely with reflection. Thank you Trina!

Reidefine via Apple Podcasts

United States of America


Listening to Trina is helping me soooo much through rough rough days. I went from balling my eyes out to feeling empowered. I went from feeling out of control to getting my grip back on life. In addition to her amazing episodes, I called her for coaching and it was wonderful. She is so easy to talk to and understood how I felt. She also gave me great advice and I feel she genuinely cared. Thanks so much for being here for me 💕

TaraMae123 via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

Listen to Trina, she will help you!

Thank you Trina for the emotional support and honest advice. I am so glad I found your podcast! To the rest of you, Trina is like the best girlfriend that everybody needs in order to get though a divorce. I always feel better and stronger after listening to her wise words.

Mel&PR via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

Perfect Timing!

I have had trouble in the past following the no contact rule! This was perfect timing and sooooooo true!!!!!

Savemycredit via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

Thank God I found this podcast

I am going through sooo much right now and I have no one to talk to . Ran across this podcast looking for podcast to help me and I found this magical Podcast . You will definitely be my best friend getting me to move forward & to finally let go 💛 thank you thank you thank you.

lyngoldz via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

New heartbreak. New optimism.

Reassurance that what you feel is normal, and great advice on how to heal and proceed with your life with positivity.

Newcastle, United Kingdom CloudAtlass via Apple Podcasts

Great Britain

The only podcast to listen to after a breakup

This podcast has helped me bounce back from being broken up with. Trina help me see my ex was not a match for me and I am better off without them. Helped me realize that being alone is really the upgrade!

Jenn_xo via Apple Podcasts


best advice ever!

Your down to earth, tell it like it is, advice is the best. You are helping lots of people and this is something worth doing in life.

margaret2929 via Apple Podcasts


Tell your friends!

After going through my first major break up less than a week ago, I came across this podcast the next day and it has made the world of difference, helping me from going down a spiral path of self pitty and doubt wondering how I could remedy this broken relationship. I’ve listened to many episodes and am a huge fan! If you had a breakup or know someone who has let them know!

CK_410 via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

Taking my power back.

I have known Trina for a few years but had no idea she was doing this podcast until I ran into her recently and began spontaneously sharing my relationship troubles with her. I can’t begin to tell you how helpful my coaching session was with her. She was compassionate and caring in her advice but did not sugarcoat anything and got me back on track to take my power back. Since then, I feel more confident and stronger every day. I even quit smoking and I am making all sorts of positive changes in my life. I am so grateful for Trina getting me back on track and I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you’re struggling with relationship troubles get your power back with Trina!

Brendan O’Brien Vancouver Canada Brenonbarclay via Apple Podcasts


So grateful for your podcast!

Hi Trina, I came across your podcast in October last year when my boyfriend and I broke up. I have listened to every single episode. Your advice is so helpful. I am putting myself out there now to try to date and I keep reminding myself “to choose people who choose you.” I also laugh at your analogies with your spoiled milk example- I unfortunately need reminding of that! I love your podcast and appreciate so much that you have new content often. I feel I’ve exhausted my friends talking about my situation, so to hear your advice and pep talks help me get through everyday. Thank you again, and PLEASE KEEP THE EPISODES COMING!! Ashley in Atlanta, GA

Ashwicky via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

Thank you Trina!

I just recently started listening to this podcast, and I LOVE it! I feel like I can see clearly now. I’ve been going through a tough relationship of 8 years. Recently it hit me that we aren’t moving forward, and my bf is oblivious to how I feel after multiple talks. We haven’t broken up yet but this podcast is helping me stay strong for when the day comes. I found Breakup Boost an eye opener and a healer. Each episode is easy to listen to and Trina is REAL. I love her vibe and her tone. And she is funny. This podcast has made ME feel more important to myself, which I didn’t see before. Thank you Trina for your positivity, it really has changed me!

Court’n’bella via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

Thank you so much

I really appreciate that you starting this podcast therefore a lot of people have place to find conform when they feel like the world is crumble down. Like we hear your voice give , you give us encouragement that we can go through this. I am going through though break up . It was not easy that we work at the same place . He move on and date someone . And I try very hard to put myself back. I am “on no contact period” with him, yet working at same place occasionally we have to communicate because of work. I keep this professional . I keep reminding myself that I can do this and I will get over the break up really soon.

Sunfl0w3r via Apple Podcasts


Swedish man in Norway

I am listening over and over again on your episodes reinventing myself and how I got basis approaches in dating wrong in life. My wife left me last year and I realize after listening that I have been in love with we should have had together and her fasade. We make it work for our kids and I am ready to move on. Now I know more do and don’t! Keep up the great work!

OlaKennedy via Apple Podcasts


Can’t get out of bed- too much anxiety

Hi Trina, thank you for all your sessions. I love listening to them. You give me that extra boost to start the day feeling slightly better.

desiré- May via Apple Podcasts



I never make reviews BUT she’s amazing! Honestly, it’s helped me so much. She says exactly what I need to hear to get out of my little funk and seems to know the answers to it all! I highly highly recommend everyone going through a tough time to give it a listen and you won’t look back! 🙂

vivian100s via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

Can’t thank you enough….

While it was not officially a relationship, I just went through, your 37 Red Flag warning signs checklist which has helped me to remember what I deserve. You have helped me apply your advice and knowledge to my own situation. When you say, “trust your gut” could not be more true. Realizing that if someone valued and respected me I would not have to question his actions. Surprise, surprise, everything I thought was going on behind my back was happening right before me and then some. Thank you for reminding how simple things are, and reminding me I should be with somebody who is truly committed and to wants to be with me and would make me a priority. This one was terrible for me. Knots in my stomach, and sleepless nights are now beginning to heal. Thank you for reminding me of what each of us deserves. “Wishing for someone to want to invest time with me, is a waste of my sweet time” Thank you. It does not have to be so hard. You should not have to ask someone to step up to the plate if you are important to them”.

Danscapes via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

Thank you

Hey Trina! I’ve just recently discovered your podcast after going through a rough “breakup”. It was one of those things where we never really dated, but I gave him all the benefits of a relationship without the label. I found out he was talking to another girl the entire time and my heart broke. I turned to your podcast for self guidance and help. After listening to multiple episodes and downloading my favorites, I feel like a new person! I’m now focusing on myself and know that I am worth more than I have allowed myself to be treated, and for that, I thank you 🙂

HayleeWolfeee via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

Great podcast

Love this podcast!

Cocacola8866 via Apple Podcasts

New Zealand

Best podcast and she’s so lovely

Really helping me, especially in low moments when I can’t speak to a friend!

alana37384948 via Apple Podcasts

Great Britain


This podcast has been a huge help coping with my recent breakup. Thanks Trina!

DWG1985 via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

Thank you

On Thursday, my heart was broken. My boyfriend and I broke up after being together for 8 months. He was my first love. My first committed relationship. My first everything. Breaking up was a surprise to me, he broke up with me right after he met my parents, and during a very rough and uncertain time in my life. I was, and still am, very hurt. It feels like someone opened up my heart with a knife, and I keep bleeding. But, unlike physical pain, such as a scrapped knee, you can’t put a bandaid on top of your mind and heart. You just feel it bleeding and don’t know how to make it stop. Well, your podcast helped me reassess the details in the relationship and think about what my faults and his were. It has been a very rough week. But, with time and resources like your podcast, I know I will feel normal again sooner. My heart will heal and a pretty scar will remind me of the good and the bad. Thanks again. via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

I needed you

I just got out of a toxic relationship we were both emotionally abusive. He would push my buttons then I would push his … I knew in 2016 I should have let him go but it lasted until 2019 … smh but it’s over and dead now and I am ready for the unknown. Your podcast is giving me even more comfort and helping me become at peace with my decision. Thank you!

euphoric_nature_ via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

The best – so helpful!

I came across this looking for breakup advice to try and accept and move past moving out of our home after almost 2 years with my boyfriend. I needed to listen to something to help with the hurt and frustration that’s been still brewing strong for a few months now and the cycle of trying to unsuccessfully make it work again and again is so draining and I needed a pep talk and found this gem! Some of these episodes I’ve listened to 10 times! Especially the episodes about letting him go, if he wanted to live with you or marry you, he would! Every episode is so helpful and Trina is direct, but also funny and friendly in her delivery. Thank you so much and keep them coming – It’s such a boost!

LagunaPeach via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

Thank you!!!

I love your podcast. It’s like listening to my friend giving me advice. I listen to your podcast when I’m feeling sad when music won’t even help. Everything I’ve been thru you always have advice for. Thank you for this. I send them to my friend since we’ve gone through our break ups at the same time.

marrhaw via Apple Podcasts

United States of America


Your podcast has helped me so much with a horrible break up I just went through. You’ve taught me to realize my self worth again. I didn’t even want to get out of bed and now I’m working on doing things I put off for so long. Thank you!!!

MiaTrace via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

A Blessing

The podcast has proven to be a source of inspiration and motivation. Trina Has a ability to break down different topics and speak to you as if she were your friend. Not just any friend but a honest, and caring friend. It’s incredible when I listen to the podcast, it’s as if Trina is able to know exactly the struggles I’m dealing with and has great advice on how I should tackle them. Her podcast has truly been a blessing. Thank you Trina for all that you do for Us. Sincerely, Richard

RAC32 via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

In love with this podcast

Can’t tell you how much this has helped me through my break up, your advice is so honest and so straightforward and you say it how it is. It’s taking me FOREVER to get over my ex but with your help I feel like I am really getting there 💖💖💖

CharX1997. via Apple Podcasts

Great Britain

Coach not a Cheerleader

10/10. In the words of Rachel Hollis; the content in this podcast is the definition of a coach not a cheerleader. Trina says it how it is, and gives you the good kick in the pants that you need to really see things for what they truly are. She doesn’t sugar coat things and give you a tub of ice cream to make you feel good for the time being. This podcast is so awesome and I highly recommend it to someone that just broke up with someone, or is months or years into a break up.

emmamecham via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

Feeling better!

I have to say, my partner split up with me on Monday and listening to the podcasts that are relevant to my situation have actually made me sit down and realise that i am a strong person who can overcome this! Thank you!

Duke 🇬🇧 via Apple Podcast

Great Britain

Real talk done with love, care and experience!

I can’t thank you enough! Your episodes are the perfect length and cover a wide variety of topics which I found invaluable during my healing. Your content is spot on and delivered so warmly and honestly. I genuinely feel like your advice has given me fresh insight and I now feel better equipped to move forward with a different perspective which has changed certain outcomes for the better! My friends and family have also been truly amazing but I really felt it was important to thank you too. Keep shining! From @MelissaTalawa

PhilliM2 via Apple Podcasts

Great Britain

Exactly what I needed to hear

I just went through my first break up. It was my first long term relationship and I felt physical pain after. This podcast feel on my lap from the sky. I randomly began listening to this podcast and I am so glad I did. Tina connected to everything I was feeling and said so many things I needed to hear. It reassured me of my decision and helped me break the toxic cycle. I would have never imagined that I person I have never met or has never met me can speak into my life in such a significant way. Whenever I felt the urge to take them back or give them another chance I would put on a quick pep talk.

•Manny• via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

My new favorite!

Trina has seriously been a blessing. I went through a really rough breakup a month ago where I was dumped in a cruel way. Since then, I’ve been listening to these podcasts in the morning when I’m getting ready and on my way to and from work. It really puts me in a better and stronger headspace for the rest of the day. Yes, things take time, but this podcast has been so theraputic for me. I’m striving to not let something really negative that happend to me ruin what was once my really positive outlook on life. Trina’s got such a great outlook and I always look forward to new episodes. Even the episodes that don’t neccessarily apply to me, still help, so I highly recommend.

Jordy777Han via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

Really enjoyed

I really enjoy this podcast she does a nice job of reminding people to not bash the other. It’s all so obvious when you hear it out loud, but the comprehension I’ve struggled with. Not too long either. The person that does the podcasts is also very approachable. Looking to understand things better this is the podcast for you. Enjoy I know I do.

420smiley420 via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

You are AMAZING!

I have been married since 2004, recently broke up with my husband, and it’s been such a relief listening to this podcast as it’s given me comfort and support knowing my feelings are actually valid and I’m not alone in this. Trina speaks the truth about real life situations. I’m so grateful to have found this podcast to give me strength through the many waves of emotions I go through. Thank you so much for all your dedication and for helping so many feel better, myself included. You are a gem.

Iluvlaughing via Apple Podcasts


Really did help

Every night I listen to a couple episodes. Several episodes I have listened to a few times. She’s your champion who’s in your corner cheering you on.

coco-5321 via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

Helpful and real advice

I discovered Breakup Boost after searching “how to heal a broken heart”. This podcast has been extremely useful for dealing with the pain of a recent divorce after a 5 year marriage. Trina’s advice is simple & matter of fact. Listening to these episodes have helped me to see the light and the possibility of a bright future.

dmdash12 via Apple Podcasts

United States of America

Real advice during a really hard time

I was suffering from a break up after three years of giving it my all through to a relationship and I couldn’t get over the pain. I found Break Up Boost by accident and I can’t thank you enough for being there for me when I really needed it. I love your straightforward advice, the “get over it“ and “you deserve better”… Things that we know in our hearts but our hours of despair it’s hard to remember. Thanks for being there for me. Thanks for helping so many people like me get through some really hard times and to be able to look forward to better times in the future.

RLD_SB1964 via Apple Podcasts

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Best breakup podcast ever!

I’ve listened to numerous podcasts trying to deal with the pain of my most recent breakup from a relationship of 4 years and this is by far the best one to make the pain easier. Trina feels like she’s my best friend and personally speaking to me. Thank you so much for putting this podcast out there, Trina!

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“20 Question” Episodes Are The Best!!!!

Trina is as “real” as it gets. She offers advice and personal experiences that will help you form a construct of what is and isn’t acceptable behavior in relationships. I admire her commitment and taking the time to help complete strangers. And if I could give a little personal advice, I’d say that wedding vows don’t end with the divorce decree. You promised to honor and respect your woman for as long as you both shall live. After the divorce, she needs you to honor and respect her more than ever.

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Breakup Boost change the path of my breakup

Trina and her advice has helped me so much emotionally throughout my healing process of my recent breakup. She’s made so many things throughout this process that made no sense to me click immediately. I listen to breakup boost in between getting ready for work, before flights, or when I’m cooking and just need some wise girl advice. Thank you so much Trina. You are playing such a huge role in healing and I truly believe your gift of uplifting other women and giving them advice is God sent. Thank you thank you thank you!

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Tough advice I need right now ❤️

Thank you so very much for your podcasts Trina – like one review you’ve just read out I am currently stuck in my bed! Your straightforward advice is exactly what I need to hear right now whilst I’m vacillating between shall I or shan’t I give this relationship another go?! I’m 8 days into no contact and I know from listening to your podcasts earlier on in the year when my partner and I first broke up that it DOES work. It helped me retain my dignity and not enter old patterns of chasing them like they were the only man on earth! I’m now listening hard to not enter into the on/off game anymore (I’m a slow learner lol!). It’s bringing up a whole load of abandonment issues but I know I CAN do this and your support is soooooooo appreciated xxx Slow learner!

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Thank you!

You’ve helped me to have calm even though I had some anxiety related to a some recent breakup. I had a “carousel” relationship and it’s really hard to let it go, but listening to you was like a wake up call. Thank you for your podcast and keep doing it, you are awesome 🙂

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Thank you for stopping my tears

I just want you to know that you helped me get over the guy I thought was “the one”.

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Really, truly will heal your soul ☀️

Trina, thank you so much for making this podcast. I have only begun to listen, but you’re already helping me let go of toxic relationships in my life, as well as helping me to develop my sense of self worth again. This is so priceless to me. I recommend this to anyone struggling to let go of a person who is causing you pain. Even if it’s not a significant other. Trina is the friend we all wish we had that always knows what to say. I stumbled upon your podcast somehow on my spotify and it must have been an angel looking out for me that brought me to think “well, I will give this a try”. You explore topics I desperately have needed insight on, but didn’t know exactly how to put into words so I could talk to my therapist about them. And you leave nothing uncovered. You go over every “what if” and “what next” I can think of. You go out of your way to offer support and positivity that inspires REAL change. You have reminded me that my feelings are valid, even though someone else tried to erase them. You have reminded me that there is life outside of the carousel of abusive relationships, and empty promises. I look forward to diving into this podcast everyday and I take NOTES. Thank you for giving me hope. You are truly an angel to me and thousands of others. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. A thousand times, thank you Trina.

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Your best friend

Listening to Trina’s podcast is like having a friend in the passenger seat knocking sense into me. She’s made me think so much about myself and my growth. Please keep going!

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Hilarious Way to Suffer

Thanks for making heartbreak funny somehow. I just laughed out loud at the bouquet in the shape of a dog paw, from a dog, “allegedly.” So effing FUNNY. You’re a servant to humanity, Gurl…tks for the advice and hilarity!

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Love it!

Super positive real energy from Trina. Thank you for sharing your advice with us!

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Honest, Heartfelt and Extremely Inspiring

I was going through an extremely tough break from a toxic relationship. I was looking for podcasts to listen to, and came across the Breakup Boost. Within the first 10 minutes of listening to ‘Being “Alone” after a Breakup or Divorce’, I immediately felt a sense of comfort. I felt that Trina brought out the thoughts and words I had in my mind, that I couldn’t bring myself to admit/say. Instead of giving advice from an aggressive place, she is extremely positive and encouraging. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone going through a breakup or divorce, as you will regain a sense of motivation and self-love.

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PCM via Instagram

Thank you thank you thank you. After an 18 year marriage and 2 years of marriage counselling, I WISH I had found your podcast first. This episode spoke directly to me and confirmed my decision to end this marriage. A narcissist and a pathelogical liar will never change. It’s time for me to get healthy for me. Thank you!!!

Jenna R. via Facebook

Everyone, doesn’t matter if your a guy or a gal, this podcast is for you! Trina is so cute and REAL. Which I love! I’ve been listening for about 3 months now and I’m always waiting for the next episode 😂 This podcast helped me through a break up and now it’s helping me guide my life! Thank you so much Trina for all the hard work you put in! (I’ve tried to make a review on iTunes but I’m an Android user 😅). Keep up the awesome positivity and always know you are changing lives ❤️ J

Trina You’re Amazing

I don’t know if this is your full time job but you are a natural at giving break-up advice. What I love most about you is that you are soo down to earth and also funny which is very much needed when one is depressed about a break-up. I recently got divorced from my wife after 5 years of marriage but together for 8 years. (She filed) Not going to lie, it’s been a tough 1st month since the divorce but two weeks ago I decided to go “no contact” as you suggested because my ex and I were constantly arguing. No contact is hard but it does get easier with each passing day. I really hope to make this a lifestyle change and to also meet someone new in my near future. Thank you soo much Trina. Al


Struggling but THANK YOU!!!

Just wanted to say thank you for a great podcast! I’ve been really struggling with what has happened between my ex and myself, the back and for, the on the off, but your podcasts are making me see the light at the end of the tunnel, by dealing with my feelings. So thank you.

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Exactly what I need!

I’m a 24 year old gay male (for context) and I’ve been dealing with a great deal of anxiety this year due to a boy (but also myself for not knowing when to cut ties) and when I found this podcast a few months ago I instantly felt at ease!! There were so many great podcasts that related to my situation and every time I tune in I feel like things will get better. Even though it’s tough at times, I’m optimistic that this will not last and I will begin to feel free and learn to love myself enough to not need this problematic boy around to make me feel good. I’m so appreciative for Trina’s wise words and how she never speaks with judgement, but with empathy and compassion! Trina and this podcast is definitely a HUGE reason why I’m no longer having crippling anxiety attacks like I was a few months ago just at the thought of my situation. Thank you

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thank you thank you thank you

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you all I can say is thank you through my tears, your words are helping me.

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Been a great help

This girl knows what she’s talking about!!!

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Love this podcast

Trina is so real about relationships. She knows exactly what to post for whatever you go through and it helps you get through whatever you're going through in your relationship or lack there of. Thank you trina for helping me get through this.

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The podcast titles are exactly what is in my head

These podcasts have been extremely helpful, spot on and the reminder I need when dealing with my own head trash. I’m so glad I found these 😎

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Love this podcast

Trina is so real about relationships. She knows exactly what to post for whatever you go through and it helps you get through whatever youre going through in your relationship or lack there of. Thank you trina for helping me get through this.

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Thanks Mate

Thank you very much for your help Trina, I have listened to all of your episodes in the last 2 months and am now going through them again Lots of love Tom from Australia

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Breakup Boost

After finding Breakup Boost, I binged listen to almost every episode in a 7 hours car ride! It has helped me beyond anything I had tried after my husband of 31 years walked out! I will continue to listen and re-listen when life seems a little difficult to bear sometimes. Thank you Trina from the bottom of my heart.

Mrs. Siew

Helpful, interesting and inspiring 🙂

I’ve been caught in a bad break up for 7 months where I couldn’t move on and kept wanting to go back to the toxic relationship. Listening to this podcast gave me the strength to tell him we need to go no contact, made me realize so many things that were destructive and actually changed my life in other areas too – it inspired me to learn more about the law of attraction and positive thinking which makes me feel like my life is changing a lot right now for the better! Thanks Trina 🙂

Cat Gundry-Beck

Better than a shrink!

I spent hundreds on seeing a couple of different psychologists (I’m sure many can relate) and my friend referred me to your podcast and now I wish I could get my money back from the psychologists. I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR WHAT YOU DO. If I need coaching in the future, I know who to call!


Thank you

Trina you have changed my life and helped me see through the breakup of my former carousel relationship. I knew I needed to get away from this man, but my need to be loved kept me going back to him. With the help of your podcast I have been able to work through and feel strong and supported during the break up. I’m so glad I found your podcast. Trina you really have helped me. Thank you forever and always ❤️❤️❤️


So helpful is this hard times

Thank you this is the one of the most horrible feelings in the world but listening to you has giving lots of motivation that I need to move on and find my peace 🙏

will- D


Really helpful

This podcast has been truly helpful in my own experience. Trina explains things in a non patronizing way suitable for both men and women. It gave me comfort when what I thought what I was thinking or doing wasn’t normal. It’s also really helpful to have an unbiased voice when you’ve already reached out to your friends and family. Would 100% recommend if you’re going through a tough time.


Thank you!

Trina, I can’t thank you enough for your podcasts. After a very rough breakup I was finding it hard to do everyday tasks and your advice has motivated me and made me realize my worth and all I can accomplish. It’s not easy and there’s no doubt about that, but your support and advice has helped me so much. Thankyou xx


Great podcast

I came across this podcast after I broke up with my boyfriend of 3.5 years. Many of the episodes were exactly what I needed and really helped me feel less anxious and stressed about my situation. This podcast is definitely for anybody, whether you’re in a relationship or not! It was very insightful for me personally and I emailed Trina as well with personal concerns about my breakup and she was VERY sweet and understanding! I recommend this podcast 100%!



Thank you for your help, you help me out of depression from what I am currently going through, you gave me strength to move on with my life and realize that he was just a chapter of my life. I am doing so much better emotionally and physically.


Helping me to understand it all…

I’m in fresh breakup of 2 weeks blind-sided .. listening to u all day… it hurts so bad, but listening to your advice, is helping me get thru.. thank u Trina ….


Love it!

At first I thought she sounded like a high school girl but the more I listened the more she grew on me and it became clear she actually knows what she is talking about. I’m not dealing with break up or anything but still a very good listen. Keep it up, love you 🙂


First week listening

I really love this podcast. I wish they were longer. Trina gives the harsh reality of just letting go and move on. I avoided trying to hear this after my breakup. But this podcast shed a lot of light on why to move on. Kudos! Please make them longer! I love listening on my drive to work.

Phoenix Baby

Amazing Podcast

Thank you Trina !! Love your podcast so much ! I am going through a divorce and a bad situation. I married someone who was my best friend, but not someone I was in love with. We got married this year and separated in 3 months. Thank you for all your helpful suggestions and helping me to realize I did both of us a favor.


Super Witty Podcast Host!

I really enjoy this podcast. Motivating, helpful, and gives me a feeling that I will be ok. Gives me a chuckle too because I can really relate to a lot of it! And the stuff I can’t relate to – I can definitely learn from it! Cheers!


Amazing and inspirational

Trina’s voice is very comforting and has helped me through one of the hardest times in my life. Highly recommend and hope she continues to produce content.


Great support regardless of your age

Losing a relationship I love is no easier at 60 than it was when I was much younger, and I’m glad this time around I happened upon Trina’s podcast. We get older, hopefully wiser, but we’re still all having the human experience of pain and loss and disappointment. This podcast has been a lifeline with its practical advice, positivity, and support.


Awesome podcasts

All of Trina’s podcasts are amazing. Listening to these helped me through a painful breakup and I ended up having so much growth personally from listening to them. No matter what your situation is I recommend listening to all of them because they each have so much wisdom. I not only learned how to recover from a painful break up but I also have had so much growth and learned how to love myself and realize my worth.

From Pain to Gain


Literally the best podcast! Helps me so so so much, I think your amazing! Such a life saver for us girls (and maybe boys) So positive, so inspiring and so helpful. I have told so many people about your podcast and how amazing it is! Keep the episodes coming. Your helping me so much you have no idea

amy4574 via Apple Podcasts

Great Britain

thank you so much

I felt stupid at first listening to a podcast on how to deal with how to deal with being broken up with, but after listening to a variety of your podcasts i feel so much better. you’ve helped me to open my eyes to a brighter situation from a once dark place. whenever i feel like i need a bit of support and i don’t want to talk to anyone i like to turn to your podcast and pick one that applies to my current situation. i was broken up with a week ago and i’m already feeling the weight lift off my shoulders from your words. so please, keep the podcasts coming for people like myself who just need to listen to a kind voice of reason. your podcasts are amazing from the gratitude of a less broken-hearted Brit xx

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I’m a grown woman and still got treated like an idiot, I felt so stupid but your words made me see that I wasn’t to blame, he was. I will not be taken in again by him or anyone else for that matter, thank you for talking some sense into me!

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Better than therapy!

I could not have gotten better breakup recovery advice from a therapist, best friend, or sister. Triina’s podcast has a wealth of information and answers that provided solace as well as motivation to move on after my breakup. No matter how long ago or recently your breakup happened, Trina’s advice and humor will inspire you to be your best self and let go of bad/sad relationship baggage so that you can love yourself, fully embrace the fabulous opportunities that lie ahead, and discover the relationship that enhances your life.

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Tough Love 🙂

Really appreciate the simple to understand concepts as well the straight forward message. When we are in these situations we want to split hairs about every little thing that happens, we get in our head etc. after listening to a few of these messages it makes me look at things differently and it empowers me to look forward…. At times the messages sting because I jump in the denial train, but you get me back off of it right away lol Thank you sooo much! 🙂

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Girllllllll you are nothing short of amazing. I listen to you multiple times a day and feel so much better after listening. Everything you say is true and sometimes a hard reality to face because I live in a head of hope. You give me the strength and courage to become more positive towards healing. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You’re truly inspiring and are helping so many good hearted people.

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Mind Blown!

Trina I can’t thank you enough for your perspective and advice, it’s given me a new set of eyes for a situation that was causing so much confusion and hurt that probably would have dragged out a lot longer! So much useful info for future relationships too, not just breakups. Especially liked your episode on handling rejection as I’ve been fat shamed for offering friendship instead of a second date, I wasn’t aware this was an issue for so many other women out there. Thankyou again!

Lauren Vit via Apple Podcasts


Just what you need if you’re going through a breakup

I recently broke up with my boyfriend and have really been struggling and hurting. This podcast is great for keeping my mind off things and has helped to lessen my feelings of sadness and increase my feelings of empowerment. I especially liked the pep talk it’s just what I needed. So many things to relate to and good heartfelt advice. So grateful to have found this!

alexandra942412 via Apple Podcasts


So helpful

I just want to say thank you for such an inspiring podcast. I am going through the worst breakup of my life and it has helped me keep focus and remember I am not the one at fault. Everything you say I can relate to and I notice the traits that I know are unacceptable. Please continue to make more!

support96 via Apple Podcasts

Great Britain

Breakup Boost helped me a lot Thanks!

I had been suffering and strugling with moving on for a long time. It was really hard. I cried myself to sleep every night with anxious feelings. I broke up with my boyfriend because I found out that he cheated on me and went on dates with multiple women from Ti**er. He also claimed that he didn’t want to commit and still wanted to keep in touch with me because he didn’t want to lose me completely. (I live in Thailand and he now moved to the another country to work) I couldn’t move on. I thought he also had done so many ways that he still loved me. One day I listened to Trina’s Podcasts and realized that if he loved me he wouldn’t treat me this way. It was very hard to let him go. I didn’t think I would be able to cut all ties with him. Trina helped encourage and give me strengths to move forward with my life. I blocked my ex and stopped stalking him on social media like Trina told me to. I’m now a very happy person. Thank you again for sharing and making me realized that I’m not alone. You did help me a lot !! Love you, Trina xx

wivear via Apple Podcasts



I was so involved with a guy for a year and a half we weren’t official but we would do what couples do! Go out talk to each other everyday and be intimate. Some people call this a “Situationship” I recently decided I wanted more I wanted a commitment. But That’s something that he didn’t want! So I told him I couldn’t do this anymore. Why does it feel like a breakup when we weren’t even together?? A year and a half though! I’m hurt and upset. struggling to get through the days. I never really got into podcast but I felt like I didn’t have anyone to talk to who wouldn’t judge me because I’ve said some of the same things over and over again to certain people. But This pod cast has helped me deal with this “situationship” breakup! Your advice is awesome and everything I needed to hear. I look forward to hear a new podcast each week!

tor-marie via Apple Podcasts

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Thank you

I just listened to the most recent episode “letting go” and I want to finally give you the review you deserve lol. This podcast has been so healing for my breakup process in the past few months. Thank you so much for your strength and words of wisdom Trina. Your blunt honesty and outside perspective on relationships really opens my eyes and encourages me to have the confidence to let go.

Aviibavii via Apple Podcasts

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Pep Talk

I really needed the move on pep talk. You hit the nail on the head with all of your insight and advice on how to keep it moving. Game over, son! Thank you!!!

ExamPREP via Apple Podcasts

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The best friend you can have after a breakup

When an Instagram friend recommended this podcast I must admit I had my doubts. But since the first weekend of my breakup (2.5 months ago), Trina has been my constant companion, helping me find my way, teaching me the principles of no contact (it works) and generally reaffirming a lot of things I know. It’s one of the best podcasts because it gives frank advice with heart. I would not be where I am up to in my recovery if not for Trina (and my amazing therapist, friends and family).

melly_singer via Apple Podcasts


Extremely Helpful

Trina’s work is very helpful. Her advice and expertise is authentic and relatable. These podcasts have helped me through some of the most difficult times of my life and I would highly recommend them to anyone experiencing heartbreak. She is able to reach her audience and give practical and realistic advice.


Love Trina

I have been listening to Trina all day and I’m already moving on and strong, I can’t wait to listen to more advice from Trina xoxo

Twisted Vision

the BEST thing for heartbreak!!

Thank you for the wonderful podcast! Trina is incredibly understanding and gives honest, straight forward advice that helps you gain perspective and closure. She is empathetic to pain and encourages strength in all of us. She helped me after a devastating breakup and continues to do so. I listen to episodes on repeat and recommend it to all my friends and family! I look forward to future episodes, thank you for the wonderful podcast Trina!


Thank YOU Thank YOU Thank YOU

I recently broke up with my boyfriend and your podcast is like a support system to me. I love how it has serious episodes plus some humorous episodes to keep things light and entertaining. This will definitely help me heal plus get back into the “dating saddle” as you put it. It is wonderful to have people like you who take the time to help others like this. MORE please!


Soldier of love

It’s been an uphill battle these past few weeks but thanks to Trina and her amazing podcast I have had expert guidance without having to use my flex spending health insurance card. Trina is a very wise lady and teaches us from firsthand experience how to successfully traverse through relationships and the inevitable breakups that most relationships end with. I feel completely confident in all the advice Trina has provided whether I liked it or not I respect her because she tells me the truth without sugar coating. Thank you so much for all your help Trina. I’m so glad you stopped me from trying to convince my ex to take me back like I should have to prove my worth to anyone.


Great no nonsense advice

I enjoy listening to your podcast. They are short, to the point, and offer good advice.


Helped me get through rock bottom

My ex girlfriend recently broke up with me and i was a wreck. devastated. crushed. Then i stumbled upon break up boost and im so glad i found it. It is continually helping me through, i listen to her podcast every day and it helps me open my eyes and put things into perspective.


Insightful, Smart, Helpful, and Entertaining

So glad that I came across this podcast – it has really helped snapped me out of my breakup blues and I love the relationship advice to help me have a better and healthier future relationship!



Thank you, Trina, for your words of wisdom and encouragement during difficult times. I am grateful to have found you.

Jackson in Florida

Best thing for a broken heart

At times like this, a podcast dedicated to break-ups is amazing. And it is simple and focuses on self love, being realistic and never to lose hope on dating.


Concrete and thought-provoking

Concrete advices for both being in a rocky place as well as getting through a breakup. Been listening non-stop and recommended anyone to do the same!s going.

asajansson83 via Apple Podcasts ·Denmark

It's not the end.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this podcast. I am going through a breakup; leaving me feeling hurt, confused and lost. It took awhile to allow my guard to go down due to a hurtful past and then I find out my recent ex was being dishonest and doing things behind my back as well. This podcast has changed my entire mindset allowing me to stand tall again and focus on my self worth, what it is I want and not settling any sort of that. Thank you for my fresh start!

Klnallen via Apple Podcasts ·United States of America

Best Podcast EVER!

I happen to stumble upon this podcast 5 months ago.. it has literally saved my life. I broke up with my BF 6 months ago and thought I was making the right decision at the time until I started having major regrets. Then three weeks later he started seeing someone new and It literally ripped my heart out. listening to Trina has made me see the light in so many ways. She is straight forward and brutally honest and I catch myself nodding the whole time during the podcast. She is so right about it all. I cant wait to turn on Trina’s podcast everyday. On my way to work, on my hikes in the park, I am addicted. Thank you Trina for helping me through some of my darkest days. You are such a blessing (in disguise). 🤗 please don’t ever stop making these!

Shelbel1982 via Apple Podcasts ·United States of America

Snippets from emails & messages on social media I have received:
  • Your podcast brought me back to life. I still listen to old episodes on repeat because it has helped me so much. Your advice is so honest and true, I really appreciate you taking the time to help me and all others who are hurting.
  • Going through a breakup and (of course) have been Googling every bit of advice/Podcasts/articles to help me through this time. I stumbled across your Podcast and am so grateful I did. I never write stuff like this to people, but the change I have felt since listening to your Podcast has been so helpful I just wanted to encourage you to keep doing what you are doing!
  • I can’t tell you how much I look up to and respect you, and how grateful I am to have found your podcast. I see a wonderful therapist regularly which is super helpful, but your podcast is literally like talking to a best friend – something I really didn’t feel I could do in the context of my most recent relationship and break-up. There are SEVERAL episodes that I have bookmarked and listen to ON REPEAT when I need to.
  • From my unfortunately vast experience with breakups, you give the most real advice in a world full of some bad advice!
  • You have made me realize my worth and I can’t tell you how much your podcasts have helped. Working out is now my new best friend!  
  • I wanted to say that I’ve been listening to your podcasts every day for a week and have listened to almost all of them! It’s been an incredible help and so many of the things you said stuck with me. I have been going through a ‘carousel relationship’ and I’ve been completely miserable. Your podcasts gave me the strength to tell him we need to go no contact and I’m really hoping that I’ll finally be able to move on.
  • Thanks again for your amazing podcasts, I’ve learned so much this week and have made so many positive changes to my life already!
  • I want to say your podcast is really getting me trough this extremely difficult time. I think I heard everything already for the third time now. Every time I’m alone and start thinking about my ex, I start listening to your podcasts.
  • You have been really helpful!!! I am amazed at that. 🙂 Really Trina!!! I am an educator and a researcher and my life is about inspiring people and getting them to challenge the truth. I have been dealing with this for a while and you are one of the best things that has helped me handle this entire situation with some perspective. Thank you. It is important you know you did a lot of good in the world. 🙂
  • I just recently started listening to your podcast and it has seriously helped me open my eyes and helped me through when i hit rock bottom.
  • I just wanted to say that I am SO SO happy I came across your podcast. Your podcast has helped me see things differently and in a more positive light. Please keep doing what you’re doing! It is amazing and I know has helped so many people from reading your reviews.
  • I am truly thankful for everything you have done for me. It means so much to me that you have brought hope into my life.
  • Just wanted to thank you for helping me through my breakup. Listening to your podcast every morning the last week has helped me stay strong and positive.
  • I thank you so much for the email you sent me. Wow, I was not expecting that follow up email from you so when I received it, I was really touched and so appreciative of you.   I’m glad I found you when we broke up.  It help me deal with my feeling head on and try to move on. I really think you will be very successful with you business because I can tell you really care about your clients.  
  • I can’t thank you enough for taking the time out of your busy day to check back on your listeners. Your advice holds so much value to me and I’m so thankful for the day I stumbled upon your podcast.
  • Thank you so much Trina– I just adore your podcast. You have been helping me along, you and my bible.
  • Your podcast has really helped me get thru this breakup. I struggled with making this decision for over a year!
  • I’ve been listening to your podcasts for the last three months. They have been so helpful to me.I appreciate you so much.  Your support has been so encouraging.
  • Hi Trina I’m going through a complicated relationship break up and started listening to your previous podcasts today I want you to know it really helps you really are pushing me to see the positive outlook through this to not go through a depression I want to thank you very much and please don’t stop
  • Please keep the podcast going. I’m pretty sure you’re helping out so many. 
  • I recently stumbled upon your podcast series and it has been my saving grace. Honestly.
  • Hello Trina and thank you for an amazing podcast with so much great advice.
  • Hi! I enjoy listening to your podcasts. They’ve been very helpful.
  • Love your podcast. It’s helped me out a LOT
  • This helped me a lot especially the episode on people chasing or choosing you… made me feel alive again and made me realize that there are people out there that do want you. Please keep up the good work and keep these podcasts coming through.
Listen to the best breakup podcast on the Apple Podcasts App, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasts! Trina is a relationship coach in Vancouver, but with the power of the Internet, she helps people worldwide.
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