Kate Spade: Thank You for the Inspiration

In reading of Kate Spade’s death, this is a different type of heartbreak. It’s amazing how you can be so touched by someone you don’t even know. Learning more about her story, I am even more proud today to own a Kate Spade watch. It can serve as a reminder to me to always follow my dreams and give every task my all. No. Matter. What. Case in point: breakup BOOST.

One thing that really touched me was reading the advice she gave her daughter.

She told her: “I want you to know that you should at least try. But you have to put everything into it. It’s not about hiring a bunch of people and having everyone else do the work. You have to be on top of it yourself, and completely invested. If it doesn’t work, will it be a sting? Yes, but you know you tried.”

I just find that so inspirational and admire her amazing work ethic. I’m sure it’s something her daughter will carry with her for the rest of her life. Prayers for her family.

“Don’t rest on your laurels. The end result isn’t as important as the effort that goes into it. Jump all the way in. Don’t be afraid. And don’t worry so much.” she said. “My dad always says ‘Just float.’ He’s very zen. Not every little pebble is a boulder. And it’s kind of how I approached [my new brand]. I feel a little less nervous. I should be more nervous, but I’m not going to take it so crazily hopefully.” – Kate Spade

She will be sure to color heaven’s sky with polka dots and pops of color.

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