How to Help a Friend Get Through a Breakup FAST

Breakups are a difficult and emotional time for anyone and supporting a friend through one can be equally challenging. The fact you are reading this right now shows that you are a very thoughtful and caring person. I really admire that! The world needs more people like you!

Here are some ways you can help your friend through their breakup and help them navigate this distressing period:


The first step in helping your friend through a breakup is simply being there for them. Offer your undivided attention and be fully present when they want to talk. Show genuine interest in their feelings and experiences without judgment or interruption.

I think it’s really important to make an actual phone call vs. sending a text message. Tell them you would love to bring over take-out and watch a movie… or see if they would like to meet you out somewhere to get out of the house. These types of gestures are a million times better than sending a message that says, “Let me know if you need anything.” No one wants to feel like they’re bothering you… and no one ever really thinks someone will take them up on the offer, so it’s kind of phony. Show them you really want to be there for them by taking the lead.

A person REALLY sees who their REAL friends are when tough times come to the surface.


The next step in how to help a friend through a breakup is through active listening. This involves giving your friend your complete focus and responding with empathy. Show that you understand and acknowledge their emotions without trying to fix their problems immediately. Reflect back on their feelings to validate their experiences. If you can make your friend feel heard, that’s key, because if they’re going through a breakup, they likely haven’t felt heard for a while.

Remind your friend that it’s okay to cry, be angry, or feel confused during this challenging time. Emotional expression is a vital part of the healing process. Don’t downplay their feelings.


Your friend will NEVER forget this type of gesture. Someone cared enough to literally buy them a book that can help them move on from their breakup as fast as possible?! Seriously… this book puts EVERYTHING into perspective so that your friend can bounce out of their breakup blues and get on with their life. It will also help them become excited about what’s to come. Not stuck missing their ex for months on end.


Hitting up the clubs and downing tequila shots is only going to make your friend feel a million times worse the next day, not to mention way more anxious. Can you say “hang-xiety”? Find some fun things to do that don’t involve alcohol. We don’t want your friend drunk dialing their ex, either. Maybe you could hit up a comedy show, a paint night, a concert, do some outdoor activities, or just go for walks or dinners.


The “breakup BOOST” podcast has a way of pushing people to look at things honestly and logically vs. acting like they can’t live without their ex. It encourages self-confidence, self-worth, self-respect, and not settling. Soon, your friend will be saying, “Oh my gosh… I can’t believe I’m relieved the breakup happened!”

Helping a friend through a breakup is a compassionate act that can make a significant difference in their healing journey. Remember to be patient, empathetic, and non-judgmental as they navigate through this emotional rollercoaster. Your support and guidance can provide the comfort and strength they need to eventually move on and find happiness once again.

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