How to Get Over a Tough Breakup

Breakups are hard. This is particularly true if you have been in a long-term relationship and have developed a fond attachment to your partner. Regardless of what brings on the split, it is incredibly important to learn how to move past the relationship. If you don’t, you will remain trapped in the past.

 The beautiful thing about moving on from a broken relationship is that it gives you the chance to rebuild your life and learn more about yourself. There is also the benefit of newfound freedom that you will relish.

However, going from a place of total desperation and deep sadness, to enjoying your freedom can be a tough path fraught with seemingly insurmountable difficulties. However, here are a few things that can make the transition more bearable.


One of the best ways to express your feelings freely is to write about them. Whenever you feel overwhelmed with sadness or depression, take a journal and a pen and pour out your emotions. You can also open a page on your computer and type your feelings away. Try not to worry about making grammatical mistakes or using incorrect expressions; just write whatever comes to mind. This is the best way to make the most of the therapeutic power of writing.

 Writing not only gives you an excellent avenue to vent, but it can also aid in pain management. Additionally, as you write, you may find closure, which can substantially aid in healing.

Get Creative

Another way to deal with the pain of a breakup is to create things. If you like drawing, take up an art project. You can also write a song or poem if that is your forte or design a dress if you are a designer.

Creativity is not just limited to the traditional definitions of the word. Even if you do not think you are creative, why not try redecorating your house? Or you could even prepare a scrumptious meal from scratch and relish it.

Using your creative powers enhances healing in two ways. First, it distracts you from the problem at hand, thus giving you some precious time to focus on something other than your breakup. Secondly, you get an unparalleled sense of accomplishment once the job is done. This can help restore your self-confidence.

Distract Yourself

When you are trying to heal from a painful breakup, it helps to distract yourself as much as you can. Wallowing in pain only makes it worse, and you may find yourself racked with feelings of guilt, self-doubt, and sorrow.

A good way to forget your ex is to attend social events. When you are interacting with new people, you will find it hard to brood over your past.

You should also try to do the things on your bucket list. If you have always wished to travel to an exotic destination, pack up your bags and go. If you like the thrill of bungee-jumping, by all means, make plans to do it. Doing whatever makes your soul come alive is the best way to remind yourself that life is beautiful, even when you are single.

Get Help from a Breakup Coach

It can help so much to reach out to an unbiased source for a fresh perspective on your situation. Someone who can tell you what you need to hear and not just what you may want to hear, like Trina Leckie. Trina is the host of the popular “breakup BOOST” podcast. Contact her for breakup coaching by email or phone today!


Although breakups are hard, there are a few things that can make them more endurable. These include journaling, doing an art project and engaging in fun and destructive activities. Try them, and you may notice the pain of your split subsiding.

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